Yeguang Xue

Applied and Computational Mechanics

Brief Introduction

Yeguang Xue is currently a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering Department at Northwestern University. He is now working with Professor Yonggang Huang. He has wide interests in research topics including:

  • Mechanics modeling and design of stretchable electronics
  • Finite element and mesh free methods in computational mechanics
  • Multi-scale modeling of advanced materials

Yeguang has published >10 papers in journals, including sister journals of Science and Nature, top mechanics journal JMPS. He was invited as reviewer for Journal of Applied Mechanics (Transactions of the ASME).

Research News

Our paper "A Soft, Wearable Microfluidic Device for the Capture, Storage, and Colorimetric Sensing of Sweat" was highlighted as cover on Science Translational Medicine.

Research News

Our paper "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Epidermal Heat Flux Sensors for Measurements of Core Body Temperature" was highlighted as inside front cover on Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Full List

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